Changes in Guardian Monitoring Duties - March 2020 Onwards 


Dear Loyal Guardians,

You have landed on this web page having been diverted to it whilst undertaking a HeartSafe® Attentii monitoring report on your local Public Access Defibrillator.




Please be advised that the HeartSafe® Attentii Smartt Tag Monitoring System will cease operation on 2nd March 2020.
Due to the development of a National UK Defibrillator Database by the British Heart Foundation in conjunction with the UK Ambulance Trusts, the HeartSafe® Attentii Monitoring System has completed its mission to ensure a UK structured monitoring system continues beyond 2020.




A National Defibrillator Database is being created, named “The Circuit”.  

Local Ambulance Trusts throughout the UK (in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation) no longer wish to receive reports of public access defibrillator (PAD) sites from third parties.  This includes HeartSafe® AED Locator.  We have assisted BHF in this new exciting project, providing them with our knowledge and experience accumulated over the last 12 years. We wish them every success with this new venture.




Guardians currently reporting the rescue readiness of their defibrillator to the HeartSafe® Attentii Monitoring System must now re-register with their local Ambulance Trust and subsequently with “The Circuit”, the new National Defibrillator Initiative (when advised to do so by the Ambulance Trust).

The decision for this change in monitoring has been instigated not by us but by the British Heart Foundation and the UK’s Ambulance Trusts.  The BHF have been using our Attentii Monitoring System for many years and have now established a new national database reporting system named “The Circuit” which will link all UK Ambulance Trusts together. 

We must emphasise from 2nd March 2020 HeartSafe® AED Locator will no longer be able to receive your reportsGuardians must now re-register immediately with their local Ambulance Trusts in order that their PAD site remains available for public access without interruption. 

Please scroll down to see website link to your local Ambulance Service.  




AED Locator, was the founder of the term “Guardian” establishing a protocol for the monitoring of defibrillators.  With over 12 years of experience in the siting and reporting on defibrillators it has been instrumental in the way the UK has established a network of AEDs in community and public places.  

This has greatly increased the number of these life saving “heart restarters” available in all parts of the UK.  HeartSafe® AED Locator will continue to support all the UK’s Ambulance Trusts who have also placed static site defibrillators in locations of high footfall i.e. Airports, Train Stations, Shopping Malls etc. 

The team at HeartSafe® AED Locator would like to thank all Guardians for their loyal support in their communities over the last 12 years.  Without their commitment and continual attention to detail with their reporting, many lives may not have been saved.




We are a small Company with emphasis on research and development in the field of defibrillator deployment.  

Using British manufactured defibrillators and local expertise, HeartSafe® AED Locator are for over 12 years one of the UK’s leading suppliers of monitored public access defibrillators within various cabinet (indoor and outdoor) packages.  We will continue to provide AEDs for local communities, public locations, Schools, Sports Clubs and Businesses throughout the UK.  We will provide help, support and CPR training to ensure communities remain safe.  

Be sure to contact us first if you are considering establishing a public access defibrillator initiative in your community, place of work or recreation.  Please visit, email, or telephone 01275 333999

We will guide you step by step in establishing a PAD site with this life saving piece of equipment, centred in your community.  


2020 - FEBRUARY 


To date, 4 Ambulance Trusts have commenced using the new system “The Circuit”, these are the West Midlands, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Ambulance Trusts.  

It may be helpful for example for you to view recent email instructions sent to guardians from the West Midlands Ambulance Trust regarding the registration procedure for “The Circuit” (Please click here to view email). 

Don’t forget, with immediate effect before 2nd March 2020, please re-register your defibrillator you (and maybe others) currently monitor, with your local Ambulance Trust.  To help you on your way, please see links to the Ambulance Service websites below:-


East of England Ambulance Service

East Midlands Ambulance Service

London Ambulance Service

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

North East Ambulance Service

North West Ambulance Service

South East Coast Ambulance Service

South Central Ambulance Service

South Western Ambulance Service

Yorkshire Ambulance Service


If you or your fellow guardians have any questions regarding the re-registering of your defibrillator, we will not be able to offer you advice and help.  You must contact your local Ambulance Trust support desk (this information can be found on their webpage).  They will be the only organisation who can assist you with re-registering.

Remember - All future communications must firstly be direct with your local Ambulance Trust and/or thereafter with “The Circuit”.