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About the Defibrillator...

Before you purchase an AED, we recommend you ask your community this simple question....

Question:     "Who is likely to be the end user of the defibrillator in an emergency once it is accessed from a public access defibrillator cabinet?

Answer:       "A lay person"?, i.e. an untrained member of the public or someone with little medical knowledge.


 If this is the answer to your question, then to protect your community, friends and family...we strongly advise you buy a defibrillator which can offer the following:

  • Provides live CPR feedback based on real-time blood flow
  • Ensures that compressions are in fact effective - and specific to each individual patient



HeartSafe® AED Locator recommends the only British defibrillator manufacturer, HeartSine Technologies Limited who produce the samaritan® range of defibrillators. 

The HeartSine samaritan® PAD 500P is like no other AED currently available that can offer equivalent technology. Its technology is claimed to be 10-years ahead of the rest.

Despite disguised claims, there is no substitute for this life-saving equipment and its WORLD-FIRST live CPR feedback feature. We believe it is the best device to use for lay people who have had little or no training in CPR. Watching the DVD will explain the difference.  

£1,999 + VAT. HeartSafe® Cabinet & HeartSine PAD 350P or 360P.

£2,099 + VAT. HeartSafe® Cabinet & HeartSine PAD 500P.

HeartSafe® your community now 01275 333999.

Defibrillators that are available within the HeartSine samaritan® range




Compare the HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P with CPR Advisor


HeartSafe® Digital Electronic Lock Exterior Cabinet

The best has just got better now CE rated with a 10-year anti-corrosion warranty.

  • Precision engineered, British made secure weatherproof AED cabinet. 
  • Stainless steel, powder coated, designed for all conditions.
  • Suitable for all makes of Defibrillators (AEDs) and includes resuscitation kit.
  • Thermostatically controlled heating, bespoke screen printing, internal LED light.
  • Futureproof cabinet with digital electronic lock (click here for more information), simple to use with soft touch buttons. Can be set in unlock mode or with combination code. This ensures there is no need to change the cabinet if local Ambulance Trust/Legislation require unlocked or locked cabinets to be used.
  • Dusk to dawn motion sensor light above lock, key override.
  • Uniquely equipped with monitored Attentii reporting system ensuring maximum levels of governance. 
  •   rated, 10-year anti-corrosion warranty, 7-14 day average delivery time.
  • Price match guarantee
  • Supported by 10 NHS Ambulance Trusts. 

For more information about the digital electronic lock cabinet please click here

For full cabinet specifications click here 

For approximate running costs click here 

Other useful links and information:-

Are you Prepared for Sudden Cardiac Arrest Leaflet

Click here to print HeartSine Weakest Link leaflet.  


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HeartSafe® & HeartSine Top of The Range Offer!

From: £1,999 + VAT



Instructional DVD for HeartSine samaritan® PAD 500P with 16-page brochure on cardiac arrest.


A pack of 6 x A5 adhesive directional labels, highly visible for placing in prominent locations around the region of the defibrillator cabinet. This helps ensure maximum awareness.


A4 metal plaque written in conjunction with the Emergency Services instructing procedure and use of defibrillator. A PDF of this document can also be supplied for circulation to the residents or staff in and around the location of the PAD site.


Metal highly visible overhead sign with latest Resus Council recommended wording when positioning a Public Access Defibrillator.


Resus/Prep kit including: Scissors, Safety razor, CPR face mask in hard case, Handressing towel & Gloves.



Hurry while stocks last! Offer extended.

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from £1,999 + VAT

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HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P Comparisons

A must….YES a must…

Please read the comparisons between the HeartSine samaritan® PAD 500P and other AEDs.  You will be further convinced why this unique AED designed with lay people in mind with CPR advisor is the number one choice for communities looking to install Public Access Defibrillators.