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Having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is highly recommended by HeartSafe® AED Locator, the British Heart Foundation, The Resuscitation Council and the Arrhythmia Alliance Charity. 


We recommend the world's leading AEDs which are sold specifically with lay people in mind who have had little or no training. If in any doubt of the choice to make, please ring for our guidance on 01275 333999 / 01275 332323.


Protect your community anywhere in the UK 24/7 with our easy to use monitored guardian reporting service. Proudly working with and supported by 10 NHS Ambulance Trusts.


You can avoid unnecessary death by sudden cardiac arrest. Ensure your community is protected with a HeartSafe® cabinet and the appropriate AED for your specific needs from as little as £1,999 plus VAT.

The choice of your purchase is certainly one of the most important decisions your community or business will have to make. We suggest you consider the following options:-

Choose from External or Internal HeartSafe® Cabinets above or below.





Goods advertised are subject to stock availability.  On enquiry, the goods and proposed date of delivery will be advised and confirmed by email.  Quoted prices may alter due to product development and will be confirmed by email to customer prior to order being placed. 


WARNING – If you are about to purchase a defibrillator (AED) please read.

Should you be approached, our strong advice is to never purchase a second-hand defibrillator unless you have the original certificate of purchase and full history of its use and previous owner’s details, which can then be verified and has not been reported on a lost or stolen list.

Sadly there have recently been reported thefts of AEDs from unlocked and locked cabinets and it can only be assumed that these despicable people who show no regard or value of other people’s lives believe a stolen device has some monetary value.  

A second-hand defibrillator (AED) has NO monetary value.  Each defibrillator has a serial number and can always be traced.  AED’s need constant daily/weekly checking and monitoring – without such monitored governance they may not operate correctly or at all if required to be used at the time of an emergency.  

If anyone approaches you selling or advertising an AED – treat the offer with great caution - you may be wasting your money.  More importantly, putting a life at risk.  If you can, report it to your local police or ambulance service or AED Locator on 01275 332323 or

We are providing you with this information to protect you and others and to ensure everything possible is done to avoid the risk of an unnecessary death.  If we can kill the demand for any stolen defibrillators, then we will be saving lives.

REMEMBER.. if it is cheap and looks a bargain then it is most likely STOLEN.  The AED’s serial number is logged, it can be traced and may not work when you require it.