July 2019 
Latest News for Guardians and Owners of Public Access Defibrillator Sites in the UK using the HeartSafe® Attentii Monitoring System – CURRENTLY AFFECTING WEST MIDLANDS AMBULANCE SERVICE (WMAS) GUARDIANS/OWNERS ONLY

The British Heart Foundation and UK’s Ambulance Trusts are currently piloting a new monitoring reporting scheme using the West Midlands Ambulance Trust as their initial trial area.  

The British Heart Foundation have been using the Attentii monitoring system in their Head Office for approximately 4 years.  With HeartSafe® AED Locator’s co-operation and 12 years of monitoring experience in the UK, a new National network of defibrillators is planned to be established named “The Circuit”.

This month we have written to all the guardians in the West Midlands region informing them of the proposed plans.  They have been asked by WMAS to register their PAD site with “The Circuit”.  

As the pilot scheme is in its infant stage, guardians are continuing to use the Attentii system which has proven to be very comprehensive and detailed.  It provides an audit trail combining the 8 questions asked when the inspection is undertaken which is reported to HeartSafe® AED Locator.  In turn we inform the UK Ambulance Trusts their cabinet is rescue ready.  We also continue to provide assistance with the repatriation of defibrillators which may have been deployed as well as replacement of consumables for their defibrillator and cabinet.    

For the time being, we recommend all guardians continue using the current Attentii system until we advise further.   To date West Midlands guardians are continuing to report to us expressing interesting feedback.  

We are assisting and supporting the BHF and the Ambulance Trusts in their project which was first voiced some 10 years ago.  During this time, HeartSafe® AED Locator developed the Attentii system which provides proof and accuracy of the guardians’ efforts in reporting in a simple but thorough way.  

When the trial period ends and the National scheme unfolds, we will continue to assist all our guardians through this transition period.

All communications regarding this new initiative are to be sent only to us by email enquiries@heartsafe.org.uk