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We are moving offices commencing 5pm 26th August 2016 there may be disruption in our telephone service and receipt of emails over the Bank Holiday.  We are very hopeful that we will be back to normal by 31st August 2016.  All calls to 01275 333999/332323 are being received and will be passed to the correct department or person to assist with your enquiry.

We are about to enter the hands of BT and we hope you will bear with us whilst our move takes place.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

to the UK’s leading Public Access Defibrillator website. AED Locator is pleased to introduce you to the www.heartsafe.org.uk website.  

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Types of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) located within HeartSafe® Cabinets

If your community does not have quick and easy access to a defibrillator, a life could be lost unnecessarily. Don't delay, follow the HeartSafe® initiative and protect your family and friends.


Why Be a HeartSafe® Community?

who is using HeartSafe® defibs

Every day someone like you may help save a life using an AED.

  • Thousands of communities have already become HeartSafe®.
  • What we can do for you and your community?
  • Defibrillators (AEDs).with CPR feedback for use by lay persons
  • Not a location we cannot provide for, anywhere in the UK  Click here to see recent installations.

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 quoted as “the Rolls Royce of AED Cabinets”

  • The UK's first monitored and audited AED reporting system, with technology 10-years ahead of the rest.
  •  rated high-grade stainless steel, heated and weatherproof. 
  • 10-year warranty on HeartSafe® cabinet and HeartSine AED.
  • Free replacement electro-pads and battery offer.

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Locate a Defibrillator

find an aed defibrillator

Find out now where your nearest AEDs are located.

  • We set the pace of the deployment of AEDs throughout the UK.
  • Free registration of your PAD onto the HeartSafe® AED Locator website with searching facility. 
  • Easy to use map indicating locations of AEDs.
  • Add/share details of your local defibrillator to help others

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The Meaning Of HeartSafe®

HeartSafe® support benevolent fund

HeartSafe® - A proven safe investment helping to save lives.

  • "Heart"The muscular organ in the chest that pumps the blood 
  • "Heart Attack" - A sudden occurrence of coronary thrombosis that can lead to death 
  • "Heart Ache" - Distress or grief
  • "HeartSafe" - Protected from danger or risk. Not leading to harm

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Charities Supporting HeartSafe®

Guardian Support - NHS

find support for defibrilator guardians

Guardians do a valuable job looking after the community AEDs .

  • Using Smart Tag or fully automated monitored technology 
  • Cabinet checks take 2-3 minutes weekly/fortnightly 
  • File a report from cabinet by Smart Phone or online
  • Confidence that both the HeartSafe® cabinet and AED are working

Access the Guardian part of the website.

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Some of our locations...

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Facts (SCA)
  • 7 million people die each year worldwide by SCA.

  • SCA is unpredictable, it strikes without warning, killing 250 people a day in the UK.

  • SCA kills more people than lung cancer, breast cancer and AIDs combined.

  • SCA does not descriminate - it can happen to the young, fit and old - anyone, anywhere at any time. 

  • Together with effective CPR, defibrillation is the only way to re-establish the heart's natural rhythm. 

  • Quick action saves lives. HeartSafe® AED solutions in your community will be an investment for life.